This Federation is constituted for achieving the following objectives

1. To work as co-coordinating and guiding agency for various Seva Smithies, Sanghams, Societies, Samakhyas, Samajams, Parishats, Trusts, Associations, etc., with whatever names they are called, located in the State of Andhra Pradesh, with common and similar aims and objects to serve the society at large irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion;

2. To advance and promote educational interests of the people and for the said purpose establish, manage, maintain or assist educational institutions;

3. To provide medical facilities to the public by organizing medical camps, establishing insurance cover / medical insurance and give financial assistance to poor and needy for the said purpose;

4. To promote social, cultural and literary activities;

5. To institute and award fellowships including travel fellowships and scholarships; sponsor students for higher studies; award medals and prizes and provide financial assistance for education to deserving and needy students;

6. To locate Regional offices of the Federation in the State, wherever required;

7. To organize District, Regional or State level Conferences and other activities in coordination with member Smithies and others in the State;

8. To promote cooperation and coordination with its counterparts in other States by organizing or representing the State in the National or Regional Conferences of Association or others with similar aims and objects;

9. To provide periodical information regarding the activities of the Federation to its member Smithies and others;

10. To identify special needs, issues, and problems of the community at large and provide needy services in this regard;

11. To train or arrange to train and guide prospective candidates for various competitive examinations conducted by different educational or employment agencies for the purpose of appointments or for admission into academic and professional courses and studies etc;

12. To assist and guide educated unemployed in seeking employment and also provide financial assistance for self-employment to needy persons.

13. To establish, manage or assist an employment career Guidance Bureau or Training Institution to help the youth in choosing a career;

14. To establish or assist a Marriage Bureau for the benefit of the youth in choosing their life partner;

15. To honor and encourage distinguished and deserving persons in public life, social services, Fine Arts, Literature, Science and Technology etc;

16. To publish or provide assistance for publication of books, periodicals, etc., for the purpose of achieving the objects of the Federation;

17. To establish, maintain or grant aid to Homes, hostels, orphanages or other establishments for relief and help to the poor and needy and also provide financial assistance to widows, orphans, etc.;

18. To do all such things which are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

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